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Linguistic Requirements
Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 July 2015 14:45

Language level certificates are not compulsory in the application. The level both in English and French language is assessed through a telephone interview.


Courses of Semester 1 are taught in french

required level B2

French language level will be assessed in a phone interview regardless if you already have a French language certificate.

If your level is lower THAN B2

  • We recommend you to start French Language courses in your country as soon as possible !

=> You can find some usefull information at CAMPUS FRANCE website.

  • There are intensive French courses all over France and elsewhere. We can recommend the intensive summer courses at the Language Center of the IAMM

Detailed information on these French Language courses is available at Language Center of the IAMM website.

The cost of these language courses and the living expenses is payed by the student, regardless of having an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.


Required level B2 



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